Lovely Rita and the iPhone

So, today was the announcement of the long-anticipated iPhone. In the midst of all the hoopla, it seems that some people are missing something pretty significant.

For a little background information, apparently the Beatles started a recording studio or company called Apple Records which then sued Apple Computer a while ago, I believe over the use of the Apple name. Apparently part of the settlement was that Apple Computer would never get in to the music business. Well along came iTunes, the iPod, and the iTunes Music Store, and now you have a problem. Recently Apple Records sued Apple Computer again, but I believe the judge ruled in favor of Apple Computer.

Fast forward to today. Steve Jobs, master of the product demonstration, unveils the iPhone, which looks amazing, but it is out of my price range and only works on Cingular. Interestingly Steve chooses to play “Lovely Rita” from the Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It seems that nothing Mr. Jobs does happens without massive amounts of planning.

As far as I know, the Beatles catalog isn’t available anywhere (legally) for download. It seems strange that they wouldn’t license it somewhere. They could be making a substantial amount of money out of the deal.

Some frantically went to iTunes in search of the Beatles catalog, but alas, it was not there, and might not be there for some time. This move by Apple Computer (which by the way changed its name to just Apple, Inc. today), seems to be a foreshadowing of Beatles goodness to come through the iTunes Music Store.

Today’s announcement was sort of a bummer for me. I was looking for a new iPod that was widescreen and had a touch screen, and I got that, but in the form of a phone. Don’t get me wrong, the phone looks AMAZING, it just wasn’t what I had hoped for.

Dear Apple, I would like an at least 100GB iPod with a large screen, a touch screen, and maybe even some Bluetooth if you can squeeze it in there. Thanks!

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