Colts and Bears

Well, Super Bowl XLI is going to be Colts – Bears. Not the matchup I would have liked at the beginning of the season, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

I didn’t catch much of the Bears – Saints game. We were too busy bowling and trading forehand shots on the Wii. However, I did catch almost the entire Colts game. I’m not really a huge Colts fan, but I was rooting for them today, because they were playing the Patriots. I really can’t stand them, for some reason.

It looked like the Patriots were going to go to yet another Super Bowl during the first half. They went into the locker room with a 21-6 advantage. However, the Colts made quick work of chipping away at the lead during the third quarter. The Colts eventually took the lead in the last minute of the game and never looked back.

A couple of firsts/records were made today. This will be the first Super Bowl to feature an African-American head coach (actually, now it will feature two). Also, the Colts made the biggest comeback ever in a conference championship game.

Something that impressed me as a I was starting to write this blog was that the very first thing the Colts owner wanted to do was give glory to God for this victory – very impressive. Once Tony Dungy got his chance to speak, he also gave glory and thanks to God. Something you don’t see very often, except when rappers accept awards for songs containing all sorts of profanity and then thank, “their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Something never seems quite write with those acceptance speeches.

I’ll definitely be pulling for the Colts in the Super Bowl. Here’s hoping that it’s a good one with some great commercials.

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