Don’t be Rude

I learned this afternoon how incredibly important it is not to be rude. I know, I know, pretty common sense, but I had some first-hand experiences today that led me to believe that it’s not quite as common sense to some people.

My friends were catering a wedding where my wife was the photographer. I wasn’t planning on going to the wedding, but my friends were in a pinch and needed a hand. We were able to successfully pull the whole thing off in the nick of time, but I couldn’t get over how rude some people were.

I was tasked with putting out the napkins and silverware for the guests. It went pretty well, until people actually started showing up while I was placing the silverware. I tried to stay out of peoples’ way for the most part. I hate bothering people if I don’t have to. Call it social anxiety or whatever, but it just makes me uncomfortable. It was while I was trying to place the silverware around people that I had an experience that pushed my blood pressure to the boiling point.

When I first wrote this post, I went on to expound on the situation, but after a couple days of thinking, I thought it best to just delete what I had written. I shouldn’t have gotten so worked up about the situation in the first place, no matter how rude people were.

There were other little annoying things that happened along the way, and I got to see just how demanding and rude people can be firsthand.

So, the next time you’re at a restaurant and something isn’t going your way, or someone is waiting on you, try being polite and understanding. That way  everyone will be better off.

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