Sportsmanship on Display

I just finished watching the 2007 Little League World Series championship game between Warner Robins, GA and Tokyo, Japan. At the end of the game the players proved that sportsmanship hasn’t died.The game itself was close and ended up going in to extra innings before Warner Robins finished the game with a walk off home run. Not 10 minutes after the emotional ending, the players came together, as they do at the end of each game, to shake hands. However, the Japanese players, who were fighting off tears and disappointment, were actually hugging their American counterparts. In the midst of their sadness, they still showed respect to the other team. How often do we see that in American sports? As I watched several players over the last week hit home runs, I was struck by the fact that they didn’t stand there and gawk for a few moment before slowly plodding along the base path. I wonder where along the way players discover that it’s alright to run their hearts out after every single hit. Perhaps it starts in high school or college, I’m not sure. But it is most often on display in Major League Baseball.The professionals could take a cue from these kids when it comes to sportsmanship and professionalism. 

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