Tiger Handles Controvery

Tiger Woods has taken a fair amount of heat recently for his handling of the noose comment and its ensuing controversy.

I love the way that Woods handles controversies such as these. He usually just lets his game do the talking – which is just fine with me. Woods went out and shot a 5-under today, and he’s currently trailing the leader at the Buick Invitational by a measly 2 shots. Hopefully he’ll go on to win the tournament and this whole controversy can be put to rest.

This isn’t the first time that Tiger has faced a controversy due to racially-related remarks. After he won his first Masters tournament, Fuzz Zoeller made a stupid comment regarding what type of food should be served at the champion’s dinner.

I’m not sure if these episodes motivate Tiger or not, but I suppose his performance since winning that first Masters speaks for itself.

The thing that drives me nutty is that everything needs to be blown up into some huge controversy by the media, when, in this case, the person who should have been offended (Woods) said it was pretty much a non-issue to him.

The media has a delight in stirring up controversy, and I guess that’s what sells for them. It just gets a little much after a while.

Here’s hoping for another phenomenal year for Mr. Woods.

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