Write About Google, Drive Traffic to Your Site

A post I recently wrote about the test of Google Health drove some unexpected traffic to my blog from an unexpected source – none other than Google itself.

The following is one of my “Jedi Web Geek” tips on how to drive some traffic to your site from the world’s biggest search engine.

The steps are pretty easy.

  1. Read a blog post on one of Google’s many blogs.
  2. Write a post on your own blog reflecting on the post you’ve just read. Write it as soon as possible after reading the post.
  3. Wait to show up in Google’s “Links to this post” section of their post.
  4. Hopefully get some unlikely traffic to your site.

It really does work. See the “Google Wants Your Medical Records?” link in the screenshot below? That link points to this site, and has driven some traffic over the last couple of weeks that I wasn’t expecting when I first wrote the post.


Give it a try. You just might get some unexpected results.

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