Greed in Action

The definition of greed was on display over the last couple of days in the form of the Boston Red Sox players.

A little background on the story for those of you who aren’t sports nuts. Boston is playing their season opening game in Japan, which is a huge deal, due to the popularity of baseball in Japan, etc. etc.

Supposedly a deal was struck that the players, coaches, and staff would receive a $40,000 stipend (more than yours truly makes in an entire year) to make the trip to Japan. I have no complaints with that fact. We live in America. We all enjoy the benefits of capitalism. If someone wanted to pay me $40,000 for a trip to Japan, I would most likely gladly accept.

Apparently MLB reneged on part of their deal, and they were only going to pay the coaches and staff a measly $20,000 for the trip. Now, it wasn’t right of MLB to back out on their part of the deal, but come on people, you’re getting paid $20,000 to go on a trip to another country to take part in a GAME.

But, all is not lost, a deal has been struck, and Boston will be making the trip to Japan, and all is right with the world. Or something like that.

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