Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

The old saying goes, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” Nowhere was that more evident this past week than at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO.

Of course I’m talking about the speeches of both Hillary and Bill Clinton during the convention. They both gave good speeches highlighting how ready Obama is to be President, how great he is, how he’ll change our country, etc. etc. etc. Funny thing is that just months ago they were pounding away at the fact that he was inexperienced and not ready to be President. Even his running mate for Vice President, Joe Biden, pounded away during the primaries on Obama’s inexperience, but now he believes everything is fine?

If you really believe that Hillary and Bill Clinton truly 100% support Obama for President, I think you might getting the wool pulled over your eyes. Here’s why. If Obama wins in November, Hillary can’t run for another 8 years. Unless he totally screwed up his first term, I highly doubt she would run against him as the incumbent President, so that puts her next opportunity at 2016. That puts her at 69 years old at that point, which is still 3 years younger than John McCain.

Seems to me that while the Clintons publicly profess that they want Obama to win, I can’t help but wonder if they would secretly like McCain to win, which gives them another shot in 2012, where Hillary would be the favorite due to Obama’s failed Presidential bid.

Either way, it’s going to be an interesting couple months.

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