Natalie Stovall and Josh Gracin at M.U.

This past Thursday was the Josh Gracin concert at M.U. Since Danielle is a diehard country fan, we HAD to go.

Let me just say that the opening act, Natalie Stovall, was AMAZING! She sings and plays a mean fiddle to boot.

This first video is of her and her guitarist playing a sweet riff during one of the songs.

Natalie also played Devil Went Down to Georgia, a favorite of ours from our many Emerson Drive concerts.

Josh Gracin was great also.

The Jedi Web Geek in me has to mention the amazing connectivity of this whole situation. Natalie has a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter account and a blog, which SHE updates. It’s so amazing how connected you can be to someone in this Facebook/Twitter era. The cool thing was that Natalie accepted both of our friend requests on Facebook, and she picked one of Danielle’s pictures as her profile pic! Plus she wrote a really sweet note to Danielle on her wall.

Natalie is an amazing artist, and seems like a really cool person as well. Hopefully she can make it back to Mansfield again really soon!

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