McChrystal…Out! 2

Spurred on by a Tweet from Aunt Lori, I figured I would throw my $.02 in on the General McChrystal “resignation.”

I honestly don’t know much about the situation, and that’s saying a lot for someone who usually stays really up on politics. Work has been crazy busy with an end of the month project, my new MacBook Pro just got here, and there have been a ton of other things going on.

All I know is that the General made some comments critical of the administration. And now he’s not the top commander in Afghanistan anymore.

I will not comment on whether or not the comments were out of line, because I don’t know what they were. I do think that this administration seems to have thin skin and does not like it when anyone stands in there way or is critical of them.

The thing that just makes me chuckle is the top name on the replacement list – General David Petraues. One on the most demonized Generals from people on the Left during his time as the top commander during the war in Iraq.

I think that is the thing that strikes me as most ironic. A President loved by the left bringing in someone they hate to lead the war in Afghanistan.

2 thoughts on “McChrystal…Out!

  1. Reply Lori Hoose Jun 25,2010 9:18 am

    Thanks for the posting, Jared. I love reading your stuff. This post is no exception, and I agree with your assessment of things. I have not read the interview myself, but have been following along with updates on msnbc. As you learn more, don’t be afraid to share your opinion here. and send me the link. I’ll stop by to read your stuff any time! L

  2. Reply Sierra Jun 29,2010 5:47 pm

    Thanks for you 2 cents. i agree with you!

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