Dear Glennon 49


I guess I should feel honored (maybe?) that you would “call me out” on a blog post. Since I love a good debate, I figured I’d respond here and maybe clear up my position a bit.

I get that we don’t all have to agree, really I do. Would I like you to agree with me? Sure. But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t.

I certainly don’t consider myself a person who hates (as some people implied in the comments), that’s for sure.

I find it a little odd that you haven’t run across the term “link bait”, but here’s what The Google has to say about “link bait“. I’ll steal from WikiPedia, “Link bait is any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website…”

Which, in my opinion, is what this post was about. You picked a subject that is controversial, and then decided to say basically “Jesus would probably be a homosexual.” Again, making a controversial statement, which has gained lots of attention, Facebook “likes”, Tweets, etc.

It’s dangerous, at best, to make this assertion, and heretical at worst. Homosexuality is mentioned throughout the Bible (although some would like us to believe it’s only dealt with in Leviticus and can, therefore, be thrown out, since we don’t adhere to many of those rules anyway). Do I have all the answers? Certainly not, but it appears the Bible is fairly clearly on homosexuality.

I get your point, at least I think the point is, as The Beatles said, “All you need is love.” And yes, God is love, and followers of Christ are certainly called to love. Jesus loved all those He came in contact with, even the soldiers torturing Him and nailing Him to the cross. But that love did not mean Jesus didn’t call sin out when he saw it, and sometimes violently (see John 2:13-17).

Jesus spent tons of time with sinners. With people the religious ignored and abhorred.

HOWEVER, to imply that Jesus would come back in such a form seems purely inflammatory to me. It seems you could have made the point without saying Jesus would look this certain way. That was what I took issue with.

The pastor you mentioned was most certainly out of line, for sure. And I would venture to guess his opinion is not widely held among Christian circles (although you would think that at times).

Can I also tell you how much I HATE the word homophobia? It applies to the pastor in your post, but I hear it used all the time. When people, like myself, don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle they are immediately labeled homophobic. I’m not scared of homosexuals. I just don’t agree with their life choices. To apply that label when it doesn’t belong basically cuts off any room for debate or honest discussion. I have homosexual friends. I love them, hopefully as Jesus would (to the best of my ability). I just don’t agree with their choices. Not agreeing is not equal to “scared of”. Okay, that’s the end of that rant.

I hope this post helps clears things up a bit.

And, as we say around here, “Loves!”

49 thoughts on “Dear Glennon

  1. Reply Luke May 30,2012 6:05 pm

    1.) The Bible isn’t clear.

    2.) The phrase “homosexual lifestyle” means something to you. What is that?

    3.) You don’t agree with their lifestyle choices? Like what? Being gay? That’s not a choice. Driving Subarus and not Fords? What does that mean?

    It seems that it means something to you and have assumptions built into it. I don’t know what those are. I’m guessing it would be the same as saying “The African-American/Hispanic/whatever Lifestyle” which I would label racist. Thus I label the phrase “Homosexual Lifestyle” as a homophobic phrase has it rests on the sand of unchallenged assumptions. Please clarify.

    • Reply Jared May 30,2012 6:08 pm

      1.) That’s that person’s interpretation of clarity.

      2.) Living as a homosexual.

      3.) Do you have proof it’s not a choice? And I mean concrete, 100% proof.

      • Reply Jana May 31,2012 1:10 am

        Do you have proof there is a God? 100% concrete proof? For such a believer it’s interesting to me that you need such proof for something.

      • Reply Kathryn Jun 1,2012 1:57 am

        I’m curious – how old were you when you chose to be heterosexual?

  2. Reply Luke May 30,2012 6:29 pm

    1.) You didn’t read that post. That person is me for one.
    2.) And what does that entail?
    3.) Yes, the majority of established medical science agrees with that as the pheromones in gay men respond as a straight females would, same with lesbians. That would be the nail in the coffin, let alone the avalanche of peer-reviewed studies on this. Ignorance is no excuse.

    • Reply Jared May 30,2012 6:36 pm

      1.) I did read it. I skimmed at first and read more later.

      2.) Living as a homosexual – all the things associated with that lifestyle.

      3.) I’d like to see more proof than a cartoon YouTube video.

  3. Reply Luke May 30,2012 6:41 pm

    1.) I find that hard to believe.
    2.) I don’t know what is associated with that lifestyle other than loving someone of the same sex. Say more.
    3.) Here’s a few more links as a start to your research: from 2005. Also you can check out the book mentioned in the article. There’s also the advances in neuroscience: from a 2011 article. Plus the fact that since 1974, it has not been viewed as a choice from the psychological community.

    • Reply Jared May 30,2012 7:14 pm

      1.) That’s fine. Believe what you want.

      2.) I guess it includes performing homosexual acts, etc. I’m not sure how much more clear that can be.

      3.) I’ll check out the links.

      Let me ask you this, do you also believe in evolution? If homosexuality were as natural as you claim it is, how would we all be here today?

      • Reply Luke May 30,2012 7:28 pm

        1.) Just going on what I see and the time between posts.
        2.) So is there a heterosexual lifestyle? Does that just involve performing heterosexual acts? Is that all there is to being straight? What is the etc? You are not being very clear at all. I’m seeking understanding and finding vague and glib replies.
        3.) Thanks.

        On to your questions:
        Do I believe in Evolution?
        Yes. I was taught evolution by a Jesuit Priest and thus there’s no conflict between science and religion for me. Is there one for you?

        Evolution can explain a lot, including homosexuality being in nature.

        Before I launch into that, I want to deal with your question “If homosexuality were as natural as you claim it is, how would we all be here today?” as it is very telling. Your claim reveals your unspoken assumption that only Heterosexuality is natural and marriage (assumed to be 1 man, 1 woman) is only for procreation. Is that accurate? Is that the heterosexual lifestyle?

        Anywho, onto evolution: If every creature were driven to reproduce then populations would explode and go extinct every quickly as they would unbalance the ecosystem. Thus homosexuality in nature (as it is found in many other species other than ours) can be theorized to be a population control measure build into the bio-mass. Just as remaining celibate would also be viewed as the such and that would be the route that Jesus, Paul, and the Desert Fathers followed. Paul states it’s a gift (1 Cor 7:7) and not for everyone. Not only is it a gift to individuals, but also to corporate species and environments.

  4. Reply Beth May 30,2012 6:54 pm

    Actually. Jared, the burden of proof is on you here, as you made the assertion. So, do you have “concrete, 100% proof” that homosexuality is a choice?

  5. Reply Kat May 30,2012 7:10 pm

    I think it’s pretty clear that homosexuality is not a choice when people end their lives because of it.

  6. Reply Luke May 30,2012 7:14 pm

    I backed up my claim, but it wasn’t published. Why is that?

    • Reply Luke May 30,2012 7:16 pm

      Ahh, I see it now. Apologies. And yes, the burden of proof would now fall to you to prove the case that it is indeed a choice and that there is a lifestyle associated with being gay.

      • Reply Jared May 30,2012 7:19 pm

        I won’t be able to definitively prove it, I suppose. Just as the opposite cannot be definitively proven.

        We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

        • Reply Luke May 30,2012 7:31 pm

          I did prove it with empirical and peer reviewed data. I provided my exegesis as well from my blog post. These things can’t be dismissed that easily.

          • Reply Jared May 31,2012 1:36 am

            But I could just as easily find evidence to the contrary. So I wouldn’t say you’ve proven anything.

          • Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 1:17 pm

            The difference is Jared, Luke has backed up what he has said. He also is a minister. I’d say he has thoroughly trounced you in this conversation. You have provided nothing.

          • Reply Jared May 31,2012 2:36 pm

            Being a minister does not make one an expert. Just throwing that out there.

            I submit the Bible as my information. I would ask why God created male and female and told them to multiply. How does homosexuality fit into that charge? Why don’t we see prominent homosexual characters throughout the Bible?

          • Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 2:47 pm

            Yet Luke is an expert, he has a master’s degree (and summa cum laude at that)from a respected academic institution which means he has spent at least 3 years in concentrated study under professionals in the field. What are your credentials?

            Luke presented the Bible as well and has given his interpretation and study. You have given nothing. He has also answered your questions with evolutionary theory and links to those articles. And all you say is “no.” That is not good enough.

            And since you can’t stop saying no or even attempt to explain yourself, I’ll bid you a good day.

          • Reply Jared May 31,2012 3:04 pm

            I don’t think I “need credentials” to talk intelligently on a subject, thanks.

            I presented information from the Bible as well. I find it interesting that as a minister he subscribes to evolution as well as homosexuality. Those are two belief systems I don’t see lining up with the Bible, but what would an “unqualified” person such as myself know?

            I especially liked the YouTube cartoon video. Not the strongest support or evidence.

  7. Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 4:38 pm

    When it comes to the Bible you do. And you don’t subscribe to evolution? And homosexuality is a belief system? And that “cartoon” was from the documentary “For the Bible Tells Me So” and is an award winning, scholarly movie. Luke also provided links from credible sources.

    I guess the phrase is true: “Don’t argue with an idiot, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” You have provided not one thing that supports your position nor have you bothered to research. But you have your feelings with no evidence and I will leave you to them.

  8. Reply Jared May 31,2012 5:08 pm

    Here’s some ressearch. God created male and female and told them to multiply, did He not?

    Lots of documentaries win awards. That doesn’t mean much. The clip pretty much dismisses Christians as dummies. Isn’t that offensive to you?

  9. Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 5:26 pm

    I find anyone who dismisses empirical evidence is offensive and worthy of scorn.

    Here’s a question: “Is it always our duty to marry and to produce children?” What does God do with celibate couples? Or celibate people for that matter? In 1 Corinthians 7 Paul does not mention child-bearing. He speaks only of marriage. Marriage has its duties and obligations (7:3-5), and these can be distractions from one’s service and devotion to Christ (7:35). Thus, Paul encourages (not commands) some (not all) to consider staying single, for Christ’s sake. Obviously if one chooses not to marry, then one also chooses not to bear children.

    All of this is beside the point which is: You believe homosexuality is a choice, unfounded. You believe there’s a lifestyle that goes with being homosexual although won’t state what it is, unfounded. You bring up Genesis 1:28 but that has no mention of marriage, that’s your assumption and eisegesis on the text. You have no credentials, don’t know what you’re talking about and will not take the time to critically think about your stance despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

  10. Reply Jared May 31,2012 5:34 pm

    Well, I find it concerning you dismiss God’s Word, which trumps any “empirical evidence”.

    Of course it’s not everyone’s duty to marry. Paul did not, and Jesus did not.

    Perhaps homosexuality is a result of the fall. It still doesn’t make it right. Adam and Eve were created in perfection.

    The homosexual lifestyle means supporting homosexual causes (gay marriage, etc.), performing homosexual acts, etc. etc. I don’t know how much more clear I can be on that topic.

    And what, pray, are your qualifications?

    • Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 5:57 pm

      “The homosexual lifestyle means supporting homosexual causes (gay marriage, etc.), performing homosexual acts, etc. etc.”

      It is the etc. etc. that I worry about. Does that mean living a promiscuous lifestyle? Taking drugs? Not going to church? Being engaged in licentious behavior? All of these things have been stereotyped to the LGBTQ population under the banner of “the homosexual lifestyle.” Is that what you mean?

      • Reply Jared May 31,2012 6:16 pm

        I simply mean living as a homosexual. Period. No stereotypical behavior, as you are wrongly trying to suggest I’m doing.

        • Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 7:05 pm

          So what’s the etc. etc? Why say “lifestyle” when it has those connotations? Why believe anyone would choose such a ‘lifestyle?’ Your ignorance of the assumptions and connotations that go with lifestyle is either feigned or you are that uneducated on the subject.

  11. Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 5:55 pm

    A doctorate in molecular biology and a master of arts in Religion. Saying that homosexuality is the result of the fall is pure speculation and has no basis in anything other than your head.

    And God speaks through empirical evidence. No where in the Bible does it state that every word is God’s word. Being sinful creatures (because of the fall) lots of redaction and editing have been done to the bible. So like Karl Barth, the Bible is not THE word of God but contains it. So while Leviticus can be read saying gay men are sinful/abomination (only in a plain sense non-scholarly level and ironically lesbians are fine then), so is eating a cheeseburger, wearing mixed fibers, not leaving a corner of your field for gleaning, not killing willful children or witches, eating shrimp and crabs, and plenty of other things.

    So if the bible is God’s word, like you assert; why do you pick and choose only those verses that are about other people? Mite in your neighbors eye, log in your own.

    • Reply Jared May 31,2012 6:15 pm

      Uhh…weren’t you the one referencing 2 Timothy 3:16 not long ago? That all Scripture is God-breathed?

      Let’s repeat that. ALL.

      So, is it, or isn’t it?

      God created two perfect beings, neither of which were homosexual. Homosexuality enters the scene later on. It would seem my assertion is, at least, plausible. But I’m sure you have some answer to “prove me wrong” again.

      • Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 7:03 pm

        Yup, all scripture is inspired by God. That doesn’t say “written by God.” Once again, reading comprehension.

        “God created two perfect beings”
        -That’s Genesis 1 and it never says that they had sex or were married. Genesis 2 has a dude and then later a woman. So it neither says that they were heterosexual. Marriage and sex and procreation all came after the fall.

  12. Reply Jared May 31,2012 7:14 pm

    Well, I’ve tried to be civil all the while while you egg me on. If you want to nitpick words take it up with someone else.

    Thanks for maligning my intelligence. It makes your arguments so much more sound.

    Maybe you and Luke can converse elsewhere.

    • Reply zero1ghost May 31,2012 7:20 pm

      We are dealing with scripture. We are dealing with what these words mean. You can be flippant about it or you can understand the context, verbage and the original language and translation issues involved. You can stick to the prejudices your culture hands you or you can risk being transformed by the renewal of your mind (Romans 12:2). The choice is yours.

  13. Reply danielle Jun 1,2012 3:32 pm

    I wasn’t going to add in my two cents. But I am now.

    @zero1ghost – it doesn’t matter what degree you have – how many books you read – what your credentials are – we don’t know the heart of God. we won’t until it’s too late to come back and tell anyone. your opinions are just like those of my husband. opinions. how can you sit there and degrade him for his beliefs when you have yours. and you are free to have yours.

    this is a blog where jared publishes his thoughts and his ponderings and his questions. if you don’t agree and can’t stomach what he is saying – there is a little X at the top of the screen. click it. go ahead and comment if you want to. debate even.

    but do you know that you look like a giant ass when you start throwing around insults. i’m not gonna sit here and tell you what jared’s degrees are in or the life experience he has – because it doesn’t matter.

    God has given us all a unique spirit and personality and feeling.

    God’s word and mind is so above ours – we can’t even begin to fathom what He means. we try. we read. we pray. we worship.

    and satan does a bang up job at getting those who love Jesus to fight about this crap.

    is jared right? are you right? am i right? it’s something we have to ask God when we see Him. but you know what – it won’t matter – we will be so in love with Him that all these concerns will be gone.

    • Reply zero1ghost Jun 1,2012 4:30 pm

      If I am an ass, then I am an ass for Christ (1 Cor 4:10)

      If Jared can’t stand to be corrected and wants to be left alone with his unfounded opinion he can mark his blog as private or add policies to moderate his comments, there are a lot of options. Proverbs 27:17 states “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This reproof and correction is for the furtherance of the kingdom. I love Christ and God and all of God’s children too much to let ignorance flourish. Eph 4:18 states “They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.” And it is Jared’s ignorance of the LGBTQ children of God that has lead this conversation on.

      To think that being gay is a choice and to be against evolution is folly. To use a loaded phrase such as “lifestyle” and Jared’s ignorance of the assumptions and connotations that go with lifestyle is either feigned or proves that he is so uneducated on the subject he has no business talking about it.

      Further more, we CAN know the heart of God. Peter writes, “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence, by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire. For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love.” (2 Peter 1:3-7)

      So it is in my faith that I reach out and challenge Jared for I have the knowledge although you maybe correct that I lack the self-control to let the brotherly affection show forth for Jared. And for that I ask forgiveness.

  14. Reply Jared Jun 1,2012 4:39 pm

    Let me tackle evolution.

    There is pretty much no proof. There are huge gaps in the fossil record, and even Darwin himself questioned evolution.

    Microevolution – yes.

    Macroevolution (that we all came from a one-celled organism and transitioned over time to humans) – no.

    Do you believe God created the heavens and the earth, or do you believe evolution brought us to where we are today?

    If homosexuality is so natural, as you claim, why did God create a woman as mans helper? Why is it (in my opinion) obvious that if all creatures were homosexual life as we know it would cease to exist?

    That doesn’t mean God doesn’t love Gay people. He most certainly does. He loves us all, and we are all sinners.

    And even if we say homosexuality isn’t a choice, that still doesn’t make it right. What if someone is born with a natural desire to murder, or to bully or (fill in the blank)? Would we say, “they can’t help it. They were born that way.” I think not.

    I won’t make my blog private, as I have noticed you have. What I have to say is open to the world, and I can take your correction.

    But, don’t assume you know everything and that just because I’m not a “pastor” or a “scholar” that I’m an idiot that doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    And to revisit government and taxes, how do you respond to Romans 13:1-7?

    • Reply zero1ghost Jun 1,2012 5:03 pm

      Don’t even try to debate evolution with me. You are so far off from where you’re starting from you have no idea. The overwhelming majority of the scientific community accepts evolution as the dominant scientific theory of biological origin. Darwin never questioned the theory and even then, so what, the theory has held firm and has been nuanced and filled in with solid empirical data that has filled in the gaps.

      How does that square with the Bible? It is the process through which God works. Simple as that. I learned this in my Jesuit upbringing. There is no divide between science and faith. Science is the how, the faith is the why. Two different sets of questions with two different methodologies.

      “If homosexuality is so natural, as you claim, why did God create a woman as mans helper?”
      -We have historical records of homosexuality for as long as people have been writing. Can only a man and woman procreate? Yes. So what? What does that matter? How does that make being LGBTQ a choice? How does that take away from the naturalness of homosexuality?

      “Why is it (in my opinion) obvious that if all creatures were homosexual life as we know it would cease to exist?”
      -What does this have to do with the price of tea in china? Why even bring that up? To show that heterosexuality is the natural “choice”? When did you choose to be straight? Are you trying to show that since it’s the majority then that makes it better? Why bring this up at all?

      I didn’t say idiot, I said “ignorant.” Big difference. An idiot relies on untested biases and prejudices. Ignorant means one simply doesn’t know.

      As for the Romans quote, you can put that on the other thread, I won’t muddy the waters on this thread which is about LGBTQ.

  15. Reply Jared Jun 1,2012 5:11 pm

    It’s my blog. I’ll put comments where I want, thank you very much.

    I suppose you’re a biology expert as well?

    So, do you believe in macroevolution?

    My point was if homosexuality is so natural and normal, if all creatures were that way, there would be no life. Don’t you find that a bit odd?

    • Reply zero1ghost Jun 5,2012 12:05 am

      Jared, this is why I question your reading ability: “I suppose you’re a biology expert as well?” Please read my statement on 5-31-12: “A doctorate in molecular biology and a master of arts in Religion.” I use evolution every day in the lab. It is assumed in all the work I do.

      As for your question: “My point was if homosexuality is so natural and normal, if all creatures were that way, there would be no life. Don’t you find that a bit odd?” No, not at all. If every creature reproduced as much as they could there would be an over-abundance of life and it would crash the ecosystem. Ecosystems all around the globe are wondrous things for a multitude of reasons: the dance of the predator and prey, the stunning bio-diversity on all levels, and the adaptation of the organisms therein for survival. And within this survival and adaptation, there is balance and homeostasis achieved; not a zero-sum domination end-game.

      Homosexuality viewed through evolution is just as natural as having children or a hetero-couple not feeling called to parenting or even a celibate person like Paul or Jesus choosing to remain single. We see this in nature in other species and we see it in our own. It is how the balance remains and does not tip too far in one direction.

      • Reply Jared Jun 5,2012 12:23 am

        I question yours too,because you continue to comment after I have said I’m done.

        You can take all your degrees and beliefs elsewhere. Thanks.

        • Reply zero1ghost Jun 6,2012 2:20 pm

          Oh but I’m not done. Not by a long shot. I keep hoping you will provide more reasoning and evidence for your beliefs but you don’t. You only provide little passive aggressive clicks next to the comments with no real engagement. And that is how I view you on this issue: no real engagement.

          You have the right to believe what you want and to encourage others to follow. So if you don’t accept homosexuality, it’s your prerogative to spread your anti-homosexuality message. But I think it’s dishonest when you pretends that your opinions are those of the Bible. It’s doubly dishonest to say it’s not natural when clearly it is and science has confirmed this and continues to confirm it with stronger and stronger empirical evidence.

          So what does that leave you? Right where I found you: with your unfounded prejudice and homophobia.

          • Reply Jared Jun 6,2012 3:39 pm

            I offered evidence you didn’t want to hear.

            I am not anti-homosexual, meaning I am “not against” homosexual people. I just don’t agree with their sexual choices (there, I didn’t use the word lifestyle).

            It’s certainly dishonest to say the Bible is pro-homosexual behavior, that much I know.

            I’ll say this for the last time. I am not homophobic. I never have been, and I never will be.

            And I’ll ask you (for the last time) to kindly take your comments elsewhere.

          • Reply zero1ghost Jun 6,2012 5:18 pm

            I heard and responded. You had no come back. Which leads me to my claim that you have only a shallow understanding of this issue.

            There are plenty of heterosexual choices I’m against too. Since they are in the majority, and you know more about being a heterosexual, why don’t you stick to what you know and are familiar with?

  16. Reply Belinda Jun 1,2012 6:38 pm

    I once had a student tell me that if he had a choice to be gay or straight, “why would he choose to be ridiculed, hated, and condemned” for his entire life? This really struck a chord with me, because, like you, I was raised believing that it was a choice made by an individual.

    So…I started to read. And research. And read some more. My conclusions actually surprised me, and I am going to share them with you, not to create more controversy or to add fuel to the fire.

    There have been a lot of studies on the brain activities of straight vs. gay men and women for years. What those studies have found is that brain waves as well as shapes and symmetry of homosexual men were like that of straight women, and vice-versa. Here is a link:

    There have also been studies that discuss Nature vs. Nurture, and how environment can influence choice or not…take this twin study for example:

    I guess at the end of the day, my thought on the whole issue is this:

    If the human body can create a fetus that has chromosomal defects that cause an extra strand of DNA (creating Downs Syndrome), or other genetic defects such as Spina Bifida, Mental Retardation, and Dwarfism, why can’t our brain waves be crossed when it comes to thought processes and what we deem important? Why can’t a man be born with a crossed wire that causes his brain to think in the way of a female brain? After all, every single fetus is considered “proto-female” until almost 6 weeks, and during those first weeks, spinal chord and brain development are occurring…why can’t those little tiny wires get a little mixed up sometimes? After all, they get majorly mixed up with other diseases, right? Plus, we already know that the Pituitary Gland creates all those hormones and feelings and is right at the base of the brain and is essential to growth and development, right? What if that gland wasn’t working correctly? We see it happen with thyroids and such all the time…

    I think this man really says it the way I am trying to:

    God doesn’t love a child with an extra chromosome any less than he loves a “normal” child, nor does He condemn their lives, so why would He choose to do that with a child (or man or woman) who has “crossed wires” when it comes to their brain based sexuality?

    • Reply Jared Jun 1,2012 7:04 pm

      Oh, please hear me. I’m not saying God doesn’t love them or we judge them at all.

      I think at one point I said it might not be a choice. I don’t know, I can’t keep track of all the comments 🙂

      I guess what I’m saying is even if your brain is wired a certain way, that doesn’t make acting on that wiring correct. I know that sounds harsh and “hateful”, but I believe it to be true.

      I don’t mean to compare sexuality with bullying, but think of it this way. Suppose someone’s brain is wired for aggression and bullying. Does that make acting on that wiring correct? I would venture to guess most people would say “no.”

      To me, acting on homosexual feelings is not correct. It’s not “natural” if you will. That does mean I don’t love homesexuals or anything like that. I just don’t see how it fits with what I see to be the character of God and how He has created us. I could be totally wrong, but that’s the way I see it.

      Thanks for the info!

      • Reply Sara Jun 1,2012 9:14 pm

        Being left-handed was also once considered not “natural” and people pulled verses from the Bible to justify mistreatment of lefties. My great grandmother had her left hand tied behind her back in school in the early 1900s and she was forced to use her right hand. Considering that I too am left handed but never consciously made the choice to use that hand because it’s just how I’m made, I’m glad we’ve stopped those kinds of practices. The brain of a left handed person is wired different than that of a right handed person, but we now allow lefties to live out this once evil tendency. To make a comparison of someone’s brain being wired for aggression isn’t a fair comparison because that causes harm to others. A homosexual living in a loving and committed relationship isn’t harming anyone.

  17. Reply Lori Gard Jun 2,2012 2:20 am

    One thing that baffles me when Christians start debating is how often the arguments lead us off-track, away from God and away from His purposes for our life. Away from the Holy Spirit and His leading and revelation of God’s character and holiness. Away from the point of life: to live our lives for Jesus by bringing glory to the Father; and in turn, knowing the heart of the Father through the Spirit that has been given as an encourager. The Holy Spirit indwells Christians so as to keep us upward looking, even while we are living down here. And furthermore, this God as Spirit has the special job of searching out and giving meaning and understanding to all things, even the deep things of God…so that we may understand. (NIV, 1Corinthians 2: 10, 12)
    This week has been an interesting one on the blogosphere, as far as issues go. I have read debates on whether or not homosexuality is a sin, whether or not homosexuality is a choice, whether or not abortion is an acceptable option for a Christian woman (or for anyone, for that matter) and whether or not the world began through evolution or creation. It has been a draining week for all the writers, commentators and readers of these various blogs. I think we have all invested a great deal of thoughtful reflection and time pouring over various topics of interest to us and analyzing ourselves inwardly on where we stand on each issue.
    To be sure, the Bible has much to say about all kinds of issues- even these ones listed above. And to be sure Christians have much to say about what the Bible says on these issues. Two Christians can read the same passage and get a totally different message from that passage. This is problematic when both feel strongly that they are right. There are answers for life’s questions inside the pages of the worn leather of God’s inspired Word, but it is interesting how often these answers appear to differ. We can debate issues and give reason for our position until the cows come home, and still get no farther ahead than when we began.
    Because we are human and have limited understanding, because we live in a world that is degenerating and is full of pain, because we are often self-seekers rather than seekers after God, we are often unable in this life to unlock the mysteries found within the Bible’s pages. And because we are all at different stages of growth and understanding, we have to realize that Christians are going to have different knowledge bases from which they draw their answers. There are vast differences amongst Christians. We are not uniform robots upon conversion. We are given a new heart and mind so that what was formerly confusion and misunderstanding can now begin to be made clear to us through the Holy Spirit. But this is a process. And it might be that we never fully know what is the mind of God on certain things until Jesus returns to earth once more.
    But does that keep us from living out our purpose? I say not. When we get off track and caught up in issue-based spirituality, we lose our focus. And we often stop listening to the Holy Spirit’s quiet voice. There is a relationship at play here, very much like that of the relationships we share with the people we love the most in our everyday lives. The Holy Spirit, as described in the Bible, is a person; so as such, we can have various types of interactions and depths of connections with the Spirit depending on where we are in our spiritual growth. When we get caught up in issues, we often forget to listen. It is the Spirit’s leading in our lives that leads us to growth and clarity. It is the Spirit that gives us fruits to live by. It is the Spirit that can be quenched and grieved when we choose to not live as Jesus did: in kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love.
    And so. When we leave the issues and concentrate on the relationship with God, we come to see that the closer we get to God, the more we get to see glimpses of God’s heart and mind. The more we understand. And the less we feel the need to fight for our beliefs. Our time is better spent in doing our level best to know God through reading His Word and praying- the two key ways to develop better communication with the one we love. And when we do, I think we will all find that there is so much more we don’t know about God and His character that could actually make all the difference.
    Blessings to everyone who commented here. May God reveal Himself to you even more deeply as you continue to press on in your faith!

    • Reply Sara Jun 2,2012 4:28 am


      I can appreciate what you’re trying to say. And yes, lots of times Christians can get caught up on minor issues. But considering that this is an issue that people are being bullied and beaten for, I think it’s very worthy of intelligent and respectful discussion. As this matter touches the core of the lives of people who are our brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, etc – it’s important that it’s discussed and that people (no matter which side they fall on) are presented with a perspective that maybe they hadn’t considered before.

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