Testing wptogo

Just a quick test of wptogo for the Droid. Seems to work pretty well, and I’m finally starting to get used to the physical keyboard on the Droid, so that’s a plus.


Just a test post from my new Droid. Loving the phone so far.

Peter Gets a Bad Wrap

Last weekend I attended the Honor Bound 2009 Men’s Conference with a group of guys from our church. It was a terrific conference. We had a small group of guys, and the fellowship throughout the weekend was something I really needed. The speakers were also great. The first night was Joe Jackson, a former player ...

From the Boyer-Turner Wedding

Just wanted to continue my new tradition of blogging from wedding receptions. We’re here at the Boyer-Turner wedding near IthacA at the Benn Conger Inn. This place is amazing, and as an added plus it has free WiFi! Congratulations KT and Chase. We love you both and can’t wait to be down-the-street neighbors!

Global Hosted Operating System

Today I read an article on News.com about the Global Hosted Operating System (or Ghost). I think I’ve seen Ghost in the past. It’s a web-based operating system that comes with 15GB of storage so you can access your files from any computer connected to the web. It uses the Amazon S3 service to ensure ...

From the Main Twist

Just posting from the Main Twist in Mansfield. Someone has free WiFi. I’m assuming it is from Night and Day. Whoever you are…thanks!

Our Fifth Anniversary

Thi weekend we celebrated our Fifth anniversary. Time really has flown by. We’ve been through what I would consider a lot in the past five years. I won’t go into it all, but it’s been pretty wild. This past year has been especially tough, with the miscarriage and everything that has come along with that ...

WordPress 2.8 from iPhone 3.0 1

Testing WordPress 2.8 from the iPod Touch. Not quite as easy as from my PowerBook, but it does work.

Happy Father’s Day

Today was a tough day for me. It seems that anything that brings little Enoch to mind makes for a tough day, although I know it will get easier with time. Church is definitely the hardest place to be. Not sure why, but all the floods of emotions seem to happen there. We are blessed ...

Google Maps on iPhone 3.0

I recently updated my iPod to the 3.0 OS. Now Google Maps has Street View support. If you search for an address where Street View is available a box with an orange dot shows up. Clicking this dot takes you into Street View. It runs really well, and the touch controls work flawlessly. A photo ...