Schrute Gets Rambunctious

Schrute Jump

Schrute is Home!

We picked up our “baby”, Schrute, on Sunday, and we’ve been loving every minute of having him be the newest member of our family. I’ll post more about our trip, puppy training, etc. later, but for now, here are some shots of our little guy. Of course, I HAD to wear my Dunder Mifflin shirt ...

New Schrute Pictures

We received another batch of new pictures of Schrute today. He’s definitely getting big, and we love him so much already. I hope his eyes stay this blue, but I’ve heard they have a tendency to change as they get older. Enjoy!

New Schrute Pictures

Here are a couple shots of Schrute we received today.

New Schrute Videos

Schrute is now about 6 weeks old, and we’ll be picking him up two weekends from now. His current family has posted some new videos of him and his brothers and sisters on YouTube. Enjoy!

New Schrute Video

Schrute’s breeders posted a new video of Schrute and his brothers and sisters near Christmas. Enjoy!

Buying a Pet in the 21st Century

The last month or so, we’ve experience what I like to call, “Buying a Pet in the 21st Century.” Danielle and I have always said that if we were going to buy a dog, we wanted a BIG dog. Our friend Mary has a Great Dane named Chai. We got to see him while she ...