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I had been hoping to play the new Nintendo Wii ever since it was released in November. This weekend I finally got my chance, and the Wii did not disappoint.

My friend, Dave, had bought two Wiis when they first came out – one for a friend, and one to sell eventually. He brought the system over on Friday night for us to give it a try, and it was awesome.

Now the Wii will never match the processing power of the XBOX 360 or the Playstation 3, but Nintendo has never tried to market it that way. In fact it seems they have gone out of their way to make sure people know that is not the focus of the console. The focus is most definitely the revolutionary style of gameplay.

Within minutes of hooking the machine up, I was working on my forehand in tennis on Wii Sports (the free collection of games that comes with the Wii). Wii Sports is definitely addicting, and it was definitely a smart move on Nintendo’s part to include such a fun collection of games with the machine. We also spent time bowling, golfing, playing baseball and boxing.

I guess I should point out that with the Wii you actually swing the remote. It has an accelerometer and is motion sensitive. When you bowl, you actually making a bowling motion. When you golf, you do your best Tiger Woods impersonation and hope you hit that little ball straight down the fairway.

Boxing is probably the most vigorous game I’ve played so far. Some people will say that it’s not true to life, and it’s not completely, but you definitely get some exercise throwing jabs and hooks.

The selling point for Danielle was the fact that you can download games for older systems (NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, etc.). Her favorite game of all time – Toe Jam and Earl, was just recently added for download, so we purchased it last night and were playing it late into the night.

More fun Wii stories to come, I’m sure, and hopefully I’ll get some video up here.

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  1. Reply dennis Jan 15,2007 1:00 pm

    Wow! You’ve got me interested. I won’t buy it because I’ll get addicted but I’ll have to try it sometime.

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