The Macbook Lives!

Late last year my (better yet let’s say Danielle’s) Macbook Pro bit the dust with some weird display issues. We figured it was a goner, and Danielle needs a machine for her photography business, so she ended up with a shiny new Macbook Pro (it’s fancy).

I didn’t put much thought into it until my buddy Jeff mentioned that his brother works on Macs. Through some back and forth, it sounded like he could fix the machine, so we went for it!

That was a little over 2 weeks ago, and I’m excited to announce that this post is coming from the once dead machine! No, it’s not as zippy and shiny as the machine sitting a few feet away from me right now, but it’s still got some good life left to it. Did I mention this baby is about 8 years old? (Side note: make sure to max out the RAM in your machine, if you can.)

I saw all that to say I’m planning on posting here more often and I thought I’d ask you what you’d be interesting in hearing about in my little corner of the world.

Any suggestions???

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