The Patience of Moses

You often hear the phrase “the wisdom of Solomon”, but tonight as I was doing my Read through the Bible in a Year plan, it struck me how (for the most part) Moses was an incredibly patient person.

Yes, Moses acted rashly when he murdered the Egyptian that was mistreating a Hebrew slave.

Also, the time Moses struck the rock when God had commanded him to speak to the rock to get water for the Israelites (who were complaining again) cost Moses the right to enter the Promised Land.

But, throughout the early parts of the Old Testament, Moses is depicted as incredibly patient and gracious.

Aaron and Miriam speak out against him and Miriam gets leprosy (or something similar)? Moses prays for her healing.

The people complain about food? Moses inquires of God, and God provides mana and then eventually quail.

The people complain about this, that, and the other thing? So many times Moses inquires of God or pleads on their behalf.

On at least one occasion God threatens that He will wipe the Israelites out and start over, making Moses into a great nation. Again, Moses pleads to God, and the Israelites are saved.

Multiple times the people grumbled against Moses, whining something to the effect of “why have you brought us out into the desert to die?”

Time after time, Moses exhibits patience, and as a result, the people are either blessed, spared suffering or otherwise cared for.

Sometimes I can hardly last 15 minutes before I lose my patience. Perhaps I (and we) could learn a thing or two from Moses.

If it’s not a phrase, then I’m coining it – The Patience of Moses

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