Redecoration 1

I don’t know why, but I get the urge to rearrange all the furniture / entertainment equipment in our living room every once in a while.

Like I said, I can’t quite explain this phenomenon. I guess I just get bored with the arrangement every so often. Danielle would tell you that I don’t always listen to her arrangement suggestions, and I guess this is probably true, but this time I did.

Our living room goes something like this. The Southern-facing part of the room isn’t really a wall. It contains the wood stove, the door to our upstairs, the door to the basement, and a little entrance area to the house. Suffice it to say, not much can be done with this area.

The Northern-facing part of the room contains a wall, and then an entrance to the kitchen.

The Eastern-facing part of the room is just open, and the Western-facing part contains a big glass window and sliding door.

Given the constraints of the room, there aren’t really a lot of options for arranging things, but I can just about guarantee you that I have tried every way possible.

Another problem that I suffer from is having to have the speakers for my entertainment system aligned just so. It really drives me nuts if they aren’t. It probably doesn’t make that big of a difference, but it’s important to me.

I went with a tried and tested layout last night. Entertainment stuff (TV, XBOX 360, movie rack, stereo, etc.) on the Northern wall, with couch in front on the doors leading upstairs and downstairs. This leaves open space to the right of where you’re sitting and makes the room feel more open.

Not quite sure why I wrote this post, but I thought I’d share a little insight into my craziness.

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  1. Reply Dennis Dec 9,2006 8:23 pm

    Hmm. Sounds like you need to join Redecorators’ Anonymous.

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