Democratic Debate Summary 1

Democratic Debate Summary
Last night, 02/04/16, I managed to watch the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Shout out to being able to stream the debate from my iPhone to my Apple TV (I’m a sucker for all things Apple. I make no bones about that 🙂 ) I was able to catch most of the ...

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 1 2

Monday night I successfully installed iOS 7 Beta 1. To my surprise, it was relatively straightforward. So, for all you brave iSouls out there, here is my step by step guide. Warning: I take 0% responsibility for any issues this causes with your phone. Just needed to get that out of the way. Here. We. Go. ...

New WordPress iPod App

Just downloaded the updated version of the WordPress app for the iPod Touch. I must say that it’s pretty amazing. It’s got a great interface, especially when adding categories to a post. Highly recommended.

Safari 4 Test 1

Danielle always has problems posting to her blog from Safari, so I’m trying it out in Safari 4 with WordPress 2.8. Seems to be working fine here.

Apple Store Elevator

During our recent trip to New York we visited the Manhattan Apple Store – the “Glass Cube” The store is absolutely amazing, even if you aren’t an Apple fan. Here is a video I shot on our way up the elevator.

Awesome iPhone Drawing

Check out this video of a Disney artist drawing on his iPhone. Pretty amazing.

Lovely Rita and the iPhone

So, today was the announcement of the long-anticipated iPhone. In the midst of all the hoopla, it seems that some people are missing something pretty significant. For a little background information, apparently the Beatles started a recording studio or company called Apple Records which then sued Apple Computer a while ago, I believe over the ...