The Macbook Lives!

Late last year my (better yet let’s say Danielle’s) Macbook Pro bit the dust with some weird display issues. We figured it was a goner, and Danielle needs a machine for her photography business, so she ended up with a shiny new Macbook Pro (it’s fancy). I didn’t put much thought into it until my ...

Net Neutrality 

As you may or may not know, the FCC voted 3-2 in favor of Net Neutrality this week, a plan to keep the Internet free and open. Proponents say the ruling will ensure that companies like Comcast and Verizon can’t create specialized Internet “fast lanes” where they could charge more for faster access to services ...

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 1 2

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 1
Monday night I successfully installed iOS 7 Beta 1. To my surprise, it was relatively straightforward. So, for all you brave iSouls out there, here is my step by step guide. Warning: I take 0% responsibility for any issues this causes with your phone. Just needed to get that out of the way. Here. We. Go. ...

WordPress from Android

Just testing the WordPress app for Android. Seems pretty similar to the app for the iPhone. Another great solution for mobile blogging.

New WordPress iPod App

Just downloaded the updated version of the WordPress app for the iPod Touch. I must say that it’s pretty amazing. It’s got a great interface, especially when adding categories to a post. Highly recommended.

Testing wptogo

Just a quick test of wptogo for the Droid. Seems to work pretty well, and I’m finally starting to get used to the physical keyboard on the Droid, so that’s a plus.

Ped Egg 2

I don’t usually put too much stock in infomercial products, but I used one this weekend that really works as advertised. During the winter, my feet get cracked like crazy (nasty, I know). They were especially bad this weekend, so my sister-in-law suggested I use her Ped Egg. The one part of the Ped Egg ...

Awesome Road Sign Hack

You’ve heard about the zombies and raptors ahead, but this sign is the best.

Awesome iPhone Drawing

Check out this video of a Disney artist drawing on his iPhone. Pretty amazing.

The Wii Experience 1

I had been hoping to play the new Nintendo Wii ever since it was released in November. This weekend I finally got my chance, and the Wii did not disappoint. My friend, Dave, had bought two Wiis when they first came out – one for a friend, and one to sell eventually. He brought the ...