Apple Store Elevator

During our recent trip to New York we visited the Manhattan Apple Store – the “Glass Cube” The store is absolutely amazing, even if you aren’t an Apple fan. Here is a video I shot on our way up the elevator.

Saks PETA Protest

This weekend we went to NYC to catch a showing of Chicago, starring Melora Hardin (also known as Jan Levenson from The Office). While strolling up 5th Avenue, I heard a bunch of voices chanting something. When we got closer, we saw that it was a PETA protest outside the Saks store.

Proof the Government Should NOT Be Involved in Business 1

If the failure to make the February switch date to Digital TV isn’t proof that the federal government should NOT be involved in business, I’m not sure what is. I just got done reading that the switch date is going to be pushed back to June 12, and I’m just going out on a limb ...

Schrute Gets Rambunctious

Schrute Jump

Schrute is Home!

Schrute is Home!
We picked up our “baby”, Schrute, on Sunday, and we’ve been loving every minute of having him be the newest member of our family. I’ll post more about our trip, puppy training, etc. later, but for now, here are some shots of our little guy. Of course, I HAD to wear my Dunder Mifflin shirt ...

Change We Can Believe In?

Just thought I’d pass along some examples of “Change We Can Believe In” Al Franken steals the Minnesota Senate election – how can I use the word steal? Well, here’s just one example. During the recount there were at least two instances where the recount totals didn’t match the election night totals. In one instance ...

Church of the New Covenant Sermons 2

Speaking of my church, I also wrote a Facebook App for them to play our most recent sermons. Check it out at

Erin Murray Music

An old friend of mine, Erin Murray, is an amazing singer. Erin is the daughter of one of our former pastor’s. I was playing around writing a Facebook App to play the most recent sermons from our church, and figured she needed an app for her music, which was on MySpace, but not Facebook. Check ...

Schrute at 7 Weeks

Schrute at 7 Weeks
Here are some shots we received today of Schrute, who is now 7 weeks old and weighs almost 14 pounds! If anyone out there is interested in getting a Dane, the Pickrels still have several left at