Your Favorite Doctor 2

So, fellow Doctor Who fans, the question is simple. Who is your favorite Doctor? I never really liked Eccleston, but I loved Tennant and Matt Smith. I had a hard time with Peter Capaldi at first, but I grew to really enjoy him as well. In a way, the current Doctor is always my favorite ...

Net Neutrality 

As you may or may not know, the FCC voted 3-2 in favor of Net Neutrality this week, a plan to keep the Internet free and open. Proponents say the ruling will ensure that companies like Comcast and Verizon can’t create specialized Internet “fast lanes” where they could charge more for faster access to services ...

New Instagram Feature

So, Instagram recently did an update which allows you to embed your IG images on any page, making them more accessible (for those of you who need said accessibility). Here’s a sample from our ice cream trip tonight. He’s the best!

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 1 2

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 1
Monday night I successfully installed iOS 7 Beta 1. To my surprise, it was relatively straightforward. So, for all you brave iSouls out there, here is my step by step guide. Warning: I take 0% responsibility for any issues this causes with your phone. Just needed to get that out of the way. Here. We. Go. ...

Google Pac-Man

Google had a special Google Doodle today to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. Here it is. Thanks to the guys at RustyBrick!

Testing wptogo

Just a quick test of wptogo for the Droid. Seems to work pretty well, and I’m finally starting to get used to the physical keyboard on the Droid, so that’s a plus.

Global Hosted Operating System

Today I read an article on about the Global Hosted Operating System (or Ghost). I think I’ve seen Ghost in the past. It’s a web-based operating system that comes with 15GB of storage so you can access your files from any computer connected to the web. It uses the Amazon S3 service to ensure ...