Stimulus Breakdown

If you care where your “stimulus” money is being spent – and you should – you can check out my Google Spreadsheet.

Ped Egg 2

I don’t usually put too much stock in infomercial products, but I used one this weekend that really works as advertised. During the winter, my feet get cracked like crazy (nasty, I know). They were especially bad this weekend, so my sister-in-law suggested I use her Ped Egg. The one part of the Ped Egg ...

How Far the iPod Has Come

I’m writing this post from my new iPod touch. The iPod sure has come a long way since the original model came out not 10 years ago.

Awesome Road Sign Hack

You’ve heard about the zombies and raptors ahead, but this sign is the best.

Biggest Pet Peeve 2

My biggest pet peeve is when people do not pay any sort of respect during the national anthem. It really irks me to no end. Just read today that is part of the US code that you must put your hand over your heart when the anthem is played and a flag is visible. What ...

Crazy Get Rich Schemes

Crazy Get Rich Schemes
I don’t know how people fall for crazy get rich schemes on the internet. I stumbled across one through an ad at Facebook this afternoon. This post was supposedly written by Dave, the guy on the right. He’s showing us a picture of the huge check he received from Google. Only problem is that the ...

Stimulus Insanity 2

The Senate is poised to pass another stimulus package at some point this week. I’m no Economist, but it seems that these bailouts are never going to end, and we are just setting ourselves up for disaster, instead of letting the free market take care of things. Yes, it would be painful, but I believe ...

Good Move, Mr. Rodriguez

Unless you don’t follow sports at all, you know that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003, a move that puts a giant blemish on his career. However, unlike many other cheaters in baseball, it only took him a couple of days to fess up. I believe this will help him a great deal, ...