Our Fifth Anniversary

Thi weekend we celebrated our Fifth anniversary. Time really has flown by. We’ve been through what I would consider a lot in the past five years. I won’t go into it all, but it’s been pretty wild. This past year has been especially tough, with the miscarriage and everything that has come along with that ...

WordPress 2.8 from iPhone 3.0 1

Testing WordPress 2.8 from the iPod Touch. Not quite as easy as from my PowerBook, but it does work.

Happy Father’s Day

Today was a tough day for me. It seems that anything that brings little Enoch to mind makes for a tough day, although I know it will get easier with time. Church is definitely the hardest place to be. Not sure why, but all the floods of emotions seem to happen there. We are blessed ...

Google Maps on iPhone 3.0

Google Maps on iPhone 3.0
I recently updated my iPod to the 3.0 OS. Now Google Maps has Street View support. If you search for an address where Street View is available a box with an orange dot shows up. Clicking this dot takes you into Street View. It runs really well, and the touch controls work flawlessly. A photo ...

Safari 4 Test 1

Danielle always has problems posting to her blog from Safari, so I’m trying it out in Safari 4 with WordPress 2.8. Seems to be working fine here.

The Twitpocalypse is Upon Us!

Apparently, the Twitpocalypse is upon us all! Basically, every Twitter message sent has a unique id. Once the id passes 2,147,483,647, there could be problems for some Twitter client apps. The id has already passed this value, and Twitter.com is still functioning properly. However, at least one of my favorite apps for the iPod Touch ...

Mission Possible: 1, 5, 7, 9 1

Just thought I’d give an update on my 2009 Goals post. I finished the Obama Nation probably in either late January or early February. Scary stuff. A big part of means wants to say, “I told you so,” when it comes to Obama. It seems to the he wants us all to be completely dependent ...

Wedding Thoughts

Just posting from my iPod hereat the Best Western. WiFi here is pretty snappy. Just learned what some of the lyrics to YMCA mean – scary. Also, I can’t stand when people incessantly clang on their glasses incessantly.