Perfectly Imperfect People

Pastor Mark used a phrase this past Sunday that stood out to me (so much so I typed it into my phone as fast as I could).

God doesn’t use perfect people. He uses people whose hearts are perfectly towards Him. #cncministries

Hashtag added by yours truly 🙂

When using my Bible app one day, I noticed that one or two of my friends were doing the Bible in One Year 2018 plan. I decided 2018 is the year I make it all the way through, so I jumped in.

I’ll keep this post short, with the hopes of actually writing more this year. But there has been a theme that has stuck out to me throughout what I’ve been reading in Genesis so far.

God uses imperfect people. He does. If you don’t believe me, go look at the story of Abraham, or Isaac, Jacob, etc.

Abraham lied about Sarah being HIS SISTER, multiple times. And it almost brought punishment on those that wanted to take her as a wife.

Why did he do it? He was afraid.

And Jacob? He was promised God’s blessings. And what did this guy do? First he took his brother’s birthright. Then. He stole his father’s blessing by tricking him. Why his father couldn’t retract his blessing, I don’t know.

And David. A deeply flawed man. Deeply. And God used him. In amazing ways.

So, dear imperfect reader, fear not. God can and WANTS to use you!

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