Natalie Stovall at Penn Tech 2

Today we drove down to Penn Tech to hear Natalie Stovall play. Natalie put on an awesome show at Mansfield earlier this year, opening for Josh Gracin, and we’ve stayed in touch with her through Facebook and her blog.

Natalie and her husband, James, are the coolest. James chatted with us for a while after Natalie’s set, and we got to hang out with Natalie for a while also. Although, it’s pretty hard to carry on a conversation once the next band goes on stage.

Danielle took, oh, about 250 photos. And I took my “Dinner Party” script from The Office for the band to sign. I would have taken my iPod, but it’s still out in Utah…that’s another story.

I shot a couple more videos on my Cybershot. The first is a “Pop Culture” medley near the end of Natalie’s set. The second is the solo part of Freebird.

Natalie, James, Miguel and Joe, you guys are amazing, and have been a huge bright spot in what’s been a fairly dark period for us. We’re bummed you didn’t get to make it to Mansfield again tonight, but we hope to get to see one of your shows again soon. Look us up when your in our neck of the woods!

2 thoughts on “Natalie Stovall at Penn Tech

  1. Reply Patty Stovall May 3,2009 1:43 pm

    Hi Jared!

    I feel like I’m getting to know you and your wife, too, through Natalie. I just wanted to thank you for posting these two videos. It’s just not possible to get to many of Nat’s shows when she is on the road, so it is really fun to get a glimpse of them through video. And I love the new Facebook photo of Natalie that your wife took. Thanks for being such great fans!

    Patty Stovall
    Natalie’s mom

  2. Reply Jared Barden May 3,2009 7:29 pm

    Hi Patty!

    You’re very welcome for the videos. It’s been so great getting to know Natalie and James (as much as you can know someone having only actually met them once.)

    It’s so great to see Natalie following her dreams with such a level head on her shoulder. I can tell you how much of an impact she has had on us over the last couple months. Danielle screamed to me when she found out Natalie was using her photo on Facebook! It’s awesome to see how connected Natalie is with her fans.

    I only wish we could get to see more of their shows, but I hope they will be back in our neck of the woods soon enough.

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