Invisible Shield Damage

After viewing my friend Dave’s iPhone 3G, I was very impressed with his Zagg Invisible Shield, and I decided that once I got my iPod Touch, I would have to get one.

I believe the Shield actually came before my iPod did, and I was excited to apply it right away. For starters, the front side of the Shield DID NOT cover the entire front of the Touch. But it covered enough, and that was OK with me. The Shield is incredibly challenging to install, and installation requires quite a bit of patience. Long story short, I was able to get a replacement Shield after I had some problems with my original.

I installed the replacement Shield this past Wednesday. On Thursday I noticed some problems with the installation, so I decided to remove it and give it a last shot. I got everything lined up perfectly, and then my Touch decided to turn on for some reason. I turned it off, and didn’t think any more about it.

When I attempted to turn the Touch back on Thursday night, it refused. In fact, it refused all the way until Saturday evening.

On our way home from Toronto yesterday I stopped by the Apple Store at the Walden Galleria in Buffalo, where I was told I would have to wait almost 3 hours to see a Genius, but I was desperate, so I agreed. The Genius took about two looks at it and said, “your iPod got water on it, there’s nothing I can do.” Apparently this came from the installation of the Shield. The Touch has a water sensor inside the earbud connection. If ANY water gets in there, the little sensor turns half red. If this happens, you’re completely out of luck. Get caught in a rain storm? Out of luck. Live in an incredibly humid climate? Out of luck. Even if you buy the Apple Care plan for the Touch, you’re out of luck.

Piled on with all the other events of the last couple months, this was about the last straw. I even got so mad on the way out of the store that I slammed the Touch on the ground. I wish now that I hadn’t.

When we got home I tried one last ditch effort. I plugged it in to my PowerBook, and sure enough, it came back on! I couldn’t believe it!


There is a huge “stain” on the screen from the application of the shield. Water must have seeped inside somehow. I figured I could live with that…

And now the sound is all garbled. It pretty much sounds like the worst radio connection ever. I’m hoping this goes away with time, since that is sort of the main purpose of the iPod.

Long story short….very upset with Zagg, and disappointed in Apple. I take incredibly good care of my products, and they wouldn’t even help at all with this $300+ products I’ve had for less than two months. I still love Apple, but it’s left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth.

Some pictures of the screen issues…






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