Facebook Explanation

I know I don’t really owe anyone an explanation as to why we’re back on Facebook, but I thought I’d post a blog about it, instead of having to answer the question over and over again ­čÖé

As many of our friends know we’ve gone on 2 Facebook “breaks” recently. ┬áMostly due to issues mentioned in previous blog postings. These last 4-5 weeks have been incredibly emotional, and there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes that contributed to those decisions.

This last “break” was probably more serious, at least at the start. It became apparent to me, though, that I didn’t want to be off Facebook because of the perceptions of a handful of people. I love being on Facebook. I love interacting with friends and family. I love being sarcastic and bantering back and forth.

Probably some of you would love for us to not be on Facebook, if for nothing less than to not blow up your News Feed and Ticker. But we both love being able to share with friends and family. Whether it’s sharing our pithy comments, sharing photos and videos of Fitzy, sharing Danielle’s amazing photography, or sharing blog posts and the love of Jesus, we love sharing it with all of you.

We decided, at the advice of a dear friend, to start over with fresh accounts. Man, was that a pain. We both wanted to use the same email addresses as our old accounts, so you first need to add another address to each account. Then confirm that address. Then make that address the primary address for the account. Then remove the old address. Then deactivate the account. Oh, and if you want to delete the account? That’ll be at least 2 weeks. Sheesh. And don’t get me started on deleting friends once you’ve activate Timeline. It literally took me 2 hours to delete 40 people once.

So, we’re back. Trying to stick to some boundaries. Trying to enjoy our friends and family without worrying about everyone’s perception of us. Well, maybe the Rock Star doesn’t worry, but I do.

As a younger Tiger Woods once said, “Hello, World.” Or in our case, “Hello, Facebook.”

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