Infinity War Thoughts

Warning: Avengers – Infinity War spoilers below.


I’ll start out saying I was a big Infinity War fan. Unlike Danielle’s complaint that they packed so many heroes into one film, I thought they did a good job of weaving everything together. Perhaps the story with Vision and Wanda (AKA Scarlet Witch) was a little out of place, but everything else seemed to flow really well.

The movie had a good mix of humor (think the first Guardians or Ragnarok), which was enough to somewhat balance the harshness of Thanos and his plan to wipe out half the galaxy.

ThanosĀ almost, almost, comes off as a somewhat sympathetic character. At least he has some sort of logic (the galaxy will run out of resources if the population goes unchecked) behind his psychotic plan. His relationship with Gomora also serves to give him a little softer side. Although how can you call someone a “softy” when they stole a little girl from her home planet after half the population has been wiped out?

And it’s just fun to see the interaction between the different factions of good guys (Thor meeting the Guardians and the interactions between Doctor Strange and Iron Man in particular).

I also loved that Thor calls Rocket “rabbit”, and Rocket never seems to give him any flack for it. Probably because he knows better than to mess with Thor.

I had a feeling going into this movie that some characters wouldn’t make it out alive. And that was the case.

Or was it?

Since we know Thanos has the Time Stone and Doctor Strange mentions to Tony that there is a scenario where the good guys win, one has to wonder if that Time Stone will come into play to make things right.

Once the characters started fading away into nothing, it quickly became evident that some of these changes simply wouldn’t stick. Honestly, do you expect me to believe that Black Panther isn’t returning? Or Peter Parker? Or most of the Guardians? That seems a little far-fetched to me. You’ve got too many movies in the pipeline and too much $$$ on the table for these characters to disappear.

I do think in the follow up to Infinity War some characters won’t be returning. Or if they do it will somehow magically occur a few years or movies from now. My guess would be someone like Captain America or one of the main Avengers.

Don’t let those ashes fool you. The good guys will return (or at least I hope so)!

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